Highlights from 10 Years of Having Fun and Saving Kids


Touch A Truck - the first one, numero uno, TAT 1.0... You get the idea.

The perennial favorite trash truck!

What would Touch A Truck be without the Daily Disposal "clean" trash truck? They've been awesome supporters since the first year!

Del Mar Lifeguards

Trucks, boats, and lifeguards... who doesn't like?

Paint a Porsche?

A one-year-only occurrence, it was both fun and weird to be painting a Porsche!
zStorm trooper Hannah Mikulak-Alaina and Patrick Kalb


Also, an every-year tradition, the San Diego Star Wars Society make for plenty of photo opportunities!


Whoa. From 300 to 2,500 attendees! Plus, Vintage funny cars, Navy Seals and U.S. Marines!

Drag 'chutes, 'nuff said.

One of the biggest names in drag racing, Don "The Snake" Prudhomme brought his beautiful 72 'Cuda and matching Dodge transport truck. You couldn't climb in the 'Cuda but for most kids and many dads, it was so cool to see up close! #Legend
2010-06-05 238

U.S. Navy Seals and Marines Marsoc

Special forces from both the Navy and Marine Corp really outdid themselves in 2010. They set up "camp" at Touch A Truck and broke out some of their equipment for everyone to touch and carry!

Paint a face?

Who could resist getting camo-painted by one of our country's finest?
2010-06-05 316

Mash ups

Love the Tusken Raider peeking out of the U.S. Marine Corp transport truck.


We kept growing - over 4,000 attendees!
drew brees w danika & sydney

Drew. Brees.

Pretty obvious for these two volunteers that this was the "best of" Touch A Truck ever... San Diego being what it is, there are a lot of celebrities that live here and sometimes they go out in public, especially for a good cause!

Miramar Fire Dept

Miramar Fire Dept brought out their trucks and hoses and helmets and... everything! The kids had a blast with these local heroes!

Motorcycle Alley

What started with a few Harley's expanded to more than a dozen bikes and trikes. Kids see them every day but rarely get to sit on them - that's the essence of Touch A Truck!

Hot Rods

We had a fine collection of hot rods in 2011 (both super-clean and "rat rods" like this one)


Stadium. 5K. Robosaurus. Were we nuts?


OK, here's the deal. A friend of Touch A Truck knew the guy who at the time, had just bought Robosauras at auction in Scottsdale, AZ. Robo's summer schedule was light at the time, so he asked the crew to truck him down from their Las Vegas HQ.

We didn't get confirmation until two weeks before Touch A Truck and had to figure out a whole bunch of logistics ("hello, can you tell me where to find a car with all its electronics and engine removed?")

The amazing Robosaurus crew gave the kids an awesome show they'll never forget.


Attack boat

When's the last time you were on one of these? The kids had more fun on the P.A. system... note: next year we asked the Navy to disable the P.A. system (J/K)


After previous two years and the move to Qualcomm stadium plus the food truck boom, we invited some of San Diego's hottest food trucks to serve Touch A Truck guests.

Laser tag

New this year was the introduction of laser tag, which really connected with the 10+ set.

Pinewood Racers

Also introduced this year, several Cub Scout packs brought their Pinewood Derby tracks and cars, and conducted races throughout the day. Max's first Pinewood racer was used too! (Max is the inspiration for Touch A Truck)


Stadium. Robosaurus. Turns out we were nuts.

Robosaurus II.

The big guy wanted to come back.


Wells Fargo Stagecoach

Longtime sponsor Wells Fargo and their stagecoach!

Pedal cars

Maybe we're just a touch sentimental, but the pedal cars were a surprise hit and offered a quiet counterpoint to Robosaurus' loud awesomeness.

Where Else?

Will you see Robo sticking his head up over a SWAT van?
2013-06-08 tat13-ajm 062


The big, simple idea: kids get to sit in and honk the horns!


Flyovers, Mercy Air landing and takeoff, and the final Touch A Truck at the stadium

One helicopter

Mercy Air Ambulance was introduced in 2014 and continues to be a favorite for the entire crowd. It lands, and then is available for about 2 hours just like any other vehicle at Touch A Truck. And then it takes off! Hint: during takeoff is a realllllly good time to go to some of the busier exhibits 😉

Two helicopter

Because, why not have a Huey H-1 on a flatbed?
2014-06-07 TAT14 024


The A1 pump rig is truly awesome!
2014-06-07 TAT14 101

Cobras bite, Mr. Tusken Raider

Gotta keep a close eye on those Raiders...


Star Spangled Banner sung by Kendra Checkitts + Red Eagles Flyover!

The Red Eagles Formation Team is Southern California's premier warbird formation display team. They fly the versatile Yak-52, former Russian Air Force radial powered prop trainers in close formation with absolute precision.


Events moves back to Carmel Valley, Mercy Air, Exotic Alley


We had a lot of security from around the galaxy, and all were happy to take photos with anyone who asked!


Cobra & Exotics Showcase

The first year of developing an exotic car area where $$$ vehicles can be safely experienced!

Zip line!

A one-year-only addition, it was fun while it lasted! (P.S. we look really hard every year for fun activities like the zip line. Unfortunately, sometimes the businesses aren't around any longer, or more likely, are busy that weekend. All exhibitors volunteer their time and equipment for Touch A Truck - we're not paying anyone to show up! Hence, the variability from year to year)


Flatbed trailer. Chains. Hours of fun!

Mercy Air Ambulance

With the move back north to Carmel Valley, we were able to provide a much better showcase for the Mercy Air Ambulance experience. It lands during the event. Once everything is safe, guests race to line up and check out the amazing interior and take pictures with the heroes who transport the sick and hurt. Then, with about 30 minutes left before the end of Touch A Truck, it takes off and circles the field one more time to say goodbye before flying away and getting back to work!


One of the best Touch A Truck's yet!
2016-05-22 TAT2016-JackQuinlan 235

Lazer Tag!

Keeps the older kids busy and provides some opportunity to run around - always a favorite and an activity we strive to bring every year since 2012!
2016-05-22 2016TAT-MikeFerry2 170


Steve Denyes of THE BEST BAND FOR KIDS AND THEIR PARENTS, Hullabaloo, always entertains the crowd. He's been supporting Touch A Truck since 2012.


The exotic alley concept continued to evolve with the addition of some brand-new Corvette Sting-Rays to the mix!
2016-05-22 TAT2016Rhonda 078


We also got some of these beauties to show up!
2016-05-22 2016TAT-MikeFerry 595


Touch A Truck is 100% volunteer-driven and the best of what Touch A Truck is all about!


Lamborghini's, Princesses, and Weinermobiles?

Exotic Alley.

OK, we're getting things going this year with the 'fancy' cars. Normally, one instance of scissor doors is enough but we had two. Plus the Cobra to make us remember what it was like before electronics and traction control and auto-shift transmissions, and... then the eyes drift to the 80's Toyota's trucks hazily sitting in the background. Hmmm....


80's Toyota Trucks!

Vying for the Lamborghini as the 'car I'd like to drive most' says the 6-yr old is this doorless (maybe 1985?) Toyota 4Runner 🙂
2017-05-13 TMarie (50)

Hot Dog!

Not the 80's ski movie, of course, THE Oscar Myer Weinermobile! The older parents were probably more excited about this than the kids but, hey, that matters too!


That sing, hug, and also - oh, geez, we forgot about the bear -  pose for pics with Smokey the Bear!



Some (a lot?) may not appreciate this as much as the kids, but Miata's are very - shall we say, 'kid friendly' in size? - and therefore they LOVE them. Flames help too.


Elon, what have you wrought? Parents went crazy, some kids too, over the Model X on display.