Report From a Vehicle Owner

San Diego Miata Club

This article was originally written by Miata owner Steve Waid about the 2012 Touch A Truck event held September 29 at Qualcomm Stadium, and appeared in the San Diego Miata Club newsletter, October 2012

The 4th Annual Touch a Truck on September 29 benefiting kids fighting cancer was an event that I first heard about at a San Diego Car Club Council meeting. As many of you know, I am the SDMC representative on the council. This relationship is how we have been finding our way into events and car shows organized outside of SDMC.

Because of the uniqueness of this event I was reluctant to promote it to our club until I was able to experience it. It did sound like something I would enjoy being a part of, but I was sure that not everyone else would agree. So, I went and participated.

The request was for people to bring their cars, trucks, boats, works in progress … whatever, for kids to touch, climb on, sit in, honk the horns (which they did) and thoroughly enjoy. I thought, what the heck, I’m going to autocross the next day anyway, so I would be cleaning the car for sure after that.

What I experienced was one of the most gratifying and enjoyable days you could want. If you like little kids and their energy, then this was a top grade event. Imagine being an eight year old boy and lived your whole life being told … ”don’t touch that” … ”get down from there” … ”stay back” … ”you’ll poke your eye out,” and much more. On this one day, they were not told NO.

The Touch a Truck name came from the myriad of trucks available for them to climb over. Tow trucks, fire trucks, dump trucks, trash trucks, military humvees, and more were available. There was laser tag, rock climbing, and Star Wars characters for photo ops. One of the biggest attractions and I do mean BIG, was Robosaurus. This was an 8 year olds dream. (note: Robosaurus is not appearing at Touch A Truck in 2016)

I had my car dressed up as a race car.
 I must have had 100 to 150 kids climb through it during the day. The parents were respectful and grateful. I had a little four year old boy come up and hug me after climbing around in the car. It doesn’t get much better than that.

I will likely be promoting the 5th Annual version for next year. They really don’t care what you bring. It doesn’t even have to be running, as long as there are no sharp edges. After all, you don’t want to poke an eye out.